Cool Birthday Gifts – 16 Wonderful Ideas for a Exciting Sweet 16

A significant milestone in the life of your friend is turning 16 This is when young women turn into young girls. So, how can you make your bestie’s sweet 16 extra special?

These are 16 things that you can do with her and some cool birthday gifts that will make her 16th year memorablebirthday gift.

  1. Send a text or phone call to her at 12:00 a.m. and you will be the first to meet her.
  2. You can send her a birthday message by posting cute photos of you both on her Facebook page.
  3. If you’re at school have 16 classmates pass one balloon to her throughout the day, until she receives 16 balloons.Attach cute birthday wishes or notes to each balloon.
  4. Send a large, handmade card to your daughter and invite her close friends to send you a special message.
  5. Sixteen is usually the date you get your driver’s licence.Take your best friend along to the DMV to get their license. Your presence is a great way to show your support as she marks a major milestone in her life.
  6. Ask her to get her driver’s license and then treat her with a day in the spa.Your nails can be done in the same colors as your friends to strengthen your friendship. If that is too costly, you could ask her to drive you to an arcade or mall where you can just hang out.
  7. You could make a gift basket for her birthday if she is purchasing a vehicle.Give her a car wash, glass cleaners, a roadmap, and an emergency kit. This will be very helpful for her when she is driving her new car.
  8. If you want something personal, you could create a video greeting for your birthday from close friends and relatives.Use your video camera to ask your daughter’s parents, siblings, close friends, and other family members to share a short message. Save this as a DVD. She will cherish this and will be able watch it over-and-over.
  9. Another great idea is to create either a scrapbook of photos.If you have been close friends for years you likely have photos from when we were kids. Include this information in the book. You will be capable of creating lasting memories that she can refer back to for years to come.
  10. A CD of her favourite songs can be made if she loves music.
  11. 16 cupcakes are possible if your love baking is strong.Food is always well-received, especially when it is homemade.
  12. If you’re on a budget you can take her shopping at the dollar store.Tell her that she can choose 16 items from the dollar store.
  13. If she is a sentimental type, send her a love letter outlining 16 reasons you care about her.This will bring tears of joy to her eyes and assure that you will remain best friends for the rest of your lives.
  14. You can give your daughter The Butterfly Jewelry box to help her organize all her trinkets.
  15. To signify your deep, lasting love of crafts, you could make a friendship bracelet.
  16. Surprise parties are a great way to celebrate 16th birthdays.In order to arrange one, you should coordinate with your parents. Invite all of her family members and close friends to share this memorable day.

You can only celebrate your sweet 16 once.