Cruise Ship Jobs — How to Find Jobs on Cruise Ships

Getting paid to travel and live your life constantly discovering new people and places would be a dream job for many people. Working on a cruise ship offers people the opportunity to not only do these things, but it offers great pay and benefits as well. Applying for a job within this industry is slightly different than others. There are many things an applicant should consider and implement when attempting to secure a position with a cruise line. Jobs with cruise lines can be difficult to land, so it is important that one impress from the beginning to the end of the hiring process.

A cruise ship is like a city on the sea, because of that the job titles aboard ship range from Beautician to Nurse. 중국배대지 Assessing your skills, education and previous job experience will help you narrow down what positions that you as an individual are uniquely qualified for. Once you have decided what position it is that suits you best it is important to tailor a resume that highlights your unique personal and professional qualities. When writing your resume it is important that you not only narrow in on one position that your are qualified for, but it is also important that you highlight how you personally would enhance the trip for the passengers aboard.

Once you have prepared your resume and are ready to start applying for positions you have to decide where to apply. There are two ways one can go about applying for jobs with cruise lines, you can hire a recruitment agent to work on your behalf or apply directly with the cruise line of your choice. Hiring a recruitment agent is typically a better method. The recruitment agent will pre-screen you, decide what position you are most qualified for, prepare you for your interview and then present you as a qualified candidate to interested cruise lines that are hiring. Applying for positions on your own can be complex. If you don’t know who is responsible for hiring your resume may get lost and never even be reviewed by the correct individual. Additionally many cruise lines deal only with recruitment agents, because it saves them the time of having to filter out unqualified candidates.

Landing a job within the cruise industry can be difficult, but it is by no standards impossible. The industry has expanded rapidly and new ships are setting sail every year. Although getting hired with a cruise line entails a bit more leg work and the process can tend to be more lengthy then that of an average job, once you are hired you are in for the adventure of a lifetime.