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Amnesty International and different human rights groups file that over half the countries inside the world have now abolished the demise penalty in law or exercise. Specifically, Amnesty International reviews that 63 countries and territories have abolished the dying penalty for all crimes, at the same time as ninety one different nations, some of which are within the English Speaking Caribbean (ESC), hold and use the death penalty. The international locations that comprise the ESC are: Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Dominica, Bahamas and Suriname.

In the overdue 1990’s Human Rights Watch and other pietro lombardi cello  human rights corporations viewed with alarm what they accept as true with is a trend closer to the growing reputation of hangings inside the Caribbean, a vestige of British colonial rule. England had only one shape of execution for murder – that changed into placing by using the neck until useless. Although England ended the loss of life penalty in 1991, the ESC maintains the subculture of hanging murders. Human rights groups decried the truth that some of governments inside the ESC had undertaken debatable steps to change their justice systems and constitutions and sever ties with global appeals our bodies to make it simpler to carry out such executions.

Of direction, many within the United States are not aware of the loss of life penalty debate that raged among human rights businesses and the governments of some of the ESC countries of the Caribbean; nor are they conscious that executions in the ESC are nevertheless done through putting. This article is mainly approximately one ESC girl on death row who beat the gallows. It is my perception that gender-bias helped store her from striking. However, first we must take some moments to observe the roots of the discussion. To do so we must have a look at what has end up known to each the proponents of the demise penalty and those in prefer of it abolition, as Pratt and Morgan.


Pratt and Morgan, consolidated instances from Jamaica, ( Pratt v. Attorney General for Jamaica, 2 App. Cas. 1), led to a 1993 landmark judgment of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the British court of last hotel for many Caribbean nations. In essence, that judgment installed the principle that both Pratt and Morgan, who have been prisoners on Jamaica’s dying row for a period exceeding five years, could be visible as sufferers of cruel and inhumane punishment if they had been sent to the gallows, and have to consequently, have their sentences commuted to existence imprisonment. The Privy Council additionally advocated that other prisoners on demise row in the area for 5 years or more need to additionally have their sentences commuted.

The Privy Council then reviewed the tortured chronology of the appellants’ enchantment system which included misplaced programs for appeals, rulings denying their attraction and not using a written explanation, and failure of Jamaica to understand the guidelines of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights after their assessment of the case. It turned into the ruling of the Privy Council that during any case wherein execution is to take vicinity greater than 5 years after sentence there would be robust grounds for believing that the delay is together with to constitute inhumane treatment or punishment as proscribed by means of the Constitution.

As a result of Pratt and Morgan all prisoners inside the Caribbean who had been on loss of life row for longer than 5 years had their sentences commuted to existence in prison. Scores of prisoners continue to be eliminated from loss of life row as a result. It is reported that for the ones remaining the Pratt and Morgan decision has prompt a scramble to increase their appeals procedure beyond the 5 yr restriction. Before Pratt and Morgan, there had been 450 prisoners on demise row at some stage in the ESC. While simplest a handful of hangings have passed off in the place seeing that Pratt and Morgan, the dying row populace is now a whole lot much less than half of what it become in 1993 – an instantaneous effect of the commutation of sentences.

In the past due 1990’s Trinidad and Tobago was the handiest ESC country with girls on loss of life row. Amnesty International pronounced, as of April 1999, there had been 76 men and five women on demise row in Trinidad.


I traveled to Trinidad in June 1999 to analyze extra about the united states of america and approximately the ladies on loss of life row. The ESC islands of Trinidad and Tobago form a unitary state, with a parliamentary democracy modeled after the United Kingdom. The united states is headed through a president who is elected by using the parliament. There is an unbiased judiciary but constitutional cases can be appealed to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The islands host a populace of one.Three million human beings and incorporate a land mass about 1.5 times the scale of the state of Rhode Island. The southernmost tip of Trinidad is only three miles from the Coast of Venezuela. The most important ethnic organization is of East Indian descent (forty.Three%), followed closely through the ones of African descent (39.5%), 18% of the human beings are of combined nationality, while the ones of European descent contain zero.6% of the population. The country is endowed with rich deposits of oil and herbal gas and boasted a GDP of $five.4 billion for the yr 1996.

Women on Death Row

While in Trinidad I was capable of learn about three of the five ladies on death row. There is Giselle Stafford. She changed into sentenced to loss of life in 1996 for the murder of a person. Angela Ramdeen turned into sentenced in 1997 to be hanged. Ms. Ramdeen turned into convicted for the murder of her two step children. And, then there may be Indravani Pamela Ramjattan who went to loss of life row for the 1995 slaying of her common regulation husband, Alexander Jordan.

No girls have been accomplished in Trinidad in view that its independence from Great Britain in 1962. Most of the women on death row are there as a result of some shape of home violence. A range of girls’s corporations, as well as Amnesty International, trust that domestic violence towards girls is a manner of life in Trinidad. It is said that 27 women were murdered in domestic violence encounters in 1998. In overall there have been a mentioned 2,282 cases of home violence within the same 12 months. Unfortunately, there were only six girls’s shelters in the complete state within the overdue 1990’s and no legal resource exists for battered women. What we recognize as the battered wife syndrome in United States Courts as a protection to assault or murder of a partner is unknown in Trinidad. Such evidence if offered in Trinidadian court docket should simplest be used to reveal “faded obligation.”

The Ramjattan Case