Extraordinary Record Beckons Ricky Ponting In One Day Cricket World Cup 2011

Ricky Ponting is one of just three cricketers who have won One Day World Cup Trophy multiple times, most noteworthy by any cricketer throughout the entire existence of the game and that too in three back to back versions. The other two being his peers and colleagues Adam Gilchrist and Glenn McGrath.

Ricky Ponting will take part in 2011 World Cup live mobile cricket streaming free and will have the valuable chance to turn into the main cricketer with upwards of four One Day Cricket World Cup prizes added to his repertoire. Adam Gilchrist and McGrath have resigned and along these lines won’t better their all around exceptional accomplishment. This will be all in all an accomplishment for both the Australian cricket and Ricky Ponting.

Australian group as of now has the qualification of winning live mobile cricket streaming free generally number of One Day Cricket World Cup prizes as they have won four of them and three on jog. It will be their fifth prize assuming that they win the 2011 version. The second best to them is West Indies with two prizes added to their repertoire

Ricky Ponting however shares his singular record right now with Glenn McGrath and Adam Gilchrist. In the event that Australia wins this release, Ricky Ponting will hold one of the best and one of a kind record in World Cricket to be the main player throughout the entire existence of the game to have four prizes added to his repertoire, and three of them as the skipper of the side. That will be very much an accomplishment. Assuming punter gets to this record it will be very hard to be broken. For a player to highlight in four sequential World Cup win will take some doing.