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Triple-channel memory. But to completely recognise the idea of this new system, first I’m going to explain the fundamentals of dual-channel memory.

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The twin-channel memory generation changed into created primarily based on its predecessor, the unmarried-channel memory. This era began by using addressing the connection among the reminiscence controller and the processor; the processor could manner statistics and create commands, and the memory controller might alter this go with the flow of information and instructions, and sends them into other components along with the real reminiscence(RAM) and different smaller components(IDE, USB, and many others.). Simply put, beneath the unmarried-channel reminiscence, a processor with a bus speed greater than that of the RAM could motive a “traffic jam” of information and instructions within the reminiscence and, therefore, they might now not attain all of the additives; if all of those commands and information files do no longer attain the alternative components, they would no longer perform, and the processor could have nothing to procedure.

The dual-channel memory generation turned into created as a way to cope with the better demands of processors. Now, as an alternative of getting a single channel through the reminiscence controller, there at the moment are two, and due to this, RAM can now maintain up with the needs of the processors.

Now, due to the fact there are processors like Intel’s Core i7 with quad middle technology and ridiculous processing speeds, Intel had to create triple-channel reminiscence generation. Simply positioned, alternatively of getting channels like twin-channel memory, there at the moment are 3; you could install a set of 3 memory modules into the motherboard, and the motherboard could have extra channels to push data and instructions to other components.

So there you have it, the reason of Triple-Channel Memory! But how will this effect us? Well, it might not effect us at this moment; because DDR3 twin-channel enabled memory can nevertheless maintain up with Core i7’s processing speeds, having triple-channel enabled would simply create one greater channel that the processor could have when it desires more room to push facts and commands. This generation, but, will really impact us within the destiny; as processing manufacturers release more and more high-speed and amazing processors, dual-channel might be unable to keep up with the needs of the new processors, and we will subsequently circulate directly to triple-channel memory and maybe abandon dual-channel reminiscence as historical generation.