How to Be a Good Follower of Christ

Worship Ministries

First of all the Body is a whole, this can best be represented by a holographic image. Suppose if you will that the Body of Christ as a form is a holographic image. If you know about holograms you understand that every part of the image is contained in every part of the image. If not, you should do some research because we can work with this model. The Body of Christ working by a holographic principle makes every member an integral part of every other member in intimate and direct relationship. Every minute change in the member directly affects the whole and every change in the whole directly affects the member. This is the model that best explains the dynamics we are exploring in the light of wholeness, but there are other models of less technical value that work as well.

The Body of Christ outside of a technical designation can have only one standard and that is Peace. Peace is the only acceptable standard because it is the foundation of Love and Love is the Dynamic of Divine Design. Love is the energy signature of God because God is Love and Peace is the access code to the dynamics of God’s energy signature. So then, if you are at Peace then congratulations and feel Free to Play!!! If not, then you haven’t even gotten started yet, so get to work. Peace is the only standard that witnesses to Truth, therefore the first dynamic to consider is: How much do you Value Peace.

How much you value peace is directly proportional to how much difficulty you will have absolving your self-conflict. When you Value Peace with all honor, self- conflict becomes powerless, jesus christ gospel of love anything less determines the level of conflict in authority. It would seem most advantageous if one could see the benefits to be derived on the other side of Peace before taking up the discipline. Otherwise you must just take your stand of Faith on Peace and wait to see what you get. We have attempted here to give you that glimpse of the invisible by giving you words for the unspeakable in hope of your thinking the unthinkable, but only you can let yourself be Free. That is the Value of Peace and why Peace is the only standard for True Church.

So then, Church is an Immortal being known as the Body of Christ, are we finally seeing into the content behind the form of those words yet??? We certainly hope so because we are drawing to a close now. This new definition of Church is the Key to Gospel Truth and Christ in you as my hope of glory is how you turn that key in the lock. Did you know that Christ was in you even before you accepted Him? Accepting Christ does not change Christ it changes you into Christ. If you can’t even recognize Christ in your Brother, how can you find him in yourself and others, you don’t. That is why Christ in you is my hope of glory.

Now you have the Key to Freedom (a definition of True Church) and the means to turn that key (Christ in you is my hope of glory) in the lock that keeps you trapped in mortality. Don’t be surprised to learn if you ever come out of your cell that the door wasn’t really locked in the first place. To find out more about your Freedom in Christ: Just BE Free!!!