Identifying the Right Sourcing Agents

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It seems that the US Naval ship hull sensors, sonars, and robotic inspectors are getting better each and every year in protecting against the most evolved underwater IED ship mining strategies of our adversaries. Today, we lead the game, no one is close and we are fully protected denying enemy underwater diver combatants and devices from their terror. Still, we must be diligent in our protective efforts. Meanwhile, we must fully understand how to prevent our enemies from fighting us on open water by supplanting their efforts at their own seadromes. Okay so, let’s talk.

I therefore propose specially designed IED devices 미국배송대행  for our Navy seal teams to use on enemy ships. I’d like to design custom looking devices which resemble barnacles, underwater antennas, rivet lines, and other things which are common on the bottom of ships. I would also recommend that we use biofoul agent looking paint to connect various IED devices on enemy ships to ensure they all go off at the same time for the exact intended consequences and sinking of the enemy vessel while it is in their port.

The reason I say this is that each time our adversaries come up with new battle tactics, they are also creating defense mechanisms in case we use their battle tactics upon them. It is essential that we continually evolve our strategies faster than the enemy with better technology, better diverse tactics, and with greater deception and camouflage. By creating such devices our Navy seal teams can plant these devices on enemy ships without them being detected, and they may rest there until we need to have them explode many months later, if not years.

This would allow us to use the individual ship of the enemy, along with an acoustic device registering that exact acoustic signature to set off the IED device as needed, or if that ship or submarine were to get too close to our fleet, or in case there was a naval battle – it could be immediately sunk.

Since our Navy seal teams are able to cloak themselves so they cannot be seen or heard, and since we have robotic devices which are virtually undetectable as they mimic the natural see life all we need to do is put these devices I describe onto the hulls of our enemy’s ships to deny them access to the sea or future engagement against our military vessels, soft civilian targets, or their attempts to block sea lanes or straits. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.