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The Dual-SIM model allows users to have two carrier service lines on one iPhone. The SXT LTE product has two Mini SIM size slots. The dimensions of the body itself are 164.3 x 76.1 x 8 mm and weigh 182 grams. Reporting from the USSFeed page (29/12), currently, the latest iPhone model, the iPhone 13 Pro is still equipped with a nano-size physical sim card slot and a digital eSIM. But not a few also say that the iPhone 15 Pro will still be accompanied by a physical SIM card slot. Furthermore, the online slot site provider Habanero has also surprised bettors because it has released an online slot game called The Koi Gate which provides the biggest jackpot and also has a high RTP level but can play with the smallest bet. Habanero Online Slot has succeeded in bringing the Koi Gate game with a high RTP of 98%. The Koi Gate game is really famous and many slot players have tried and continue to faithfully play this one game. In appearance there is no difference between the Galaxy A32 which Samsung presented a few months ago.

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