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Many people are now looking at fitting a Japanese bathtub simply because there has been a great move in recent years toward having some kind of oriental style in the house, and especially a bathroom. It seems an easy job to choose the right kind of tub, but if you want to have the true Japanese bathing experience, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration, which can be broken down into three areas.

The first thing to remember is that for a Japanese tub, depth is more important than width. This is because traditionally the Japanese like to bathe in extremely 日本岩盤浴 deep water in comparison to that found in the traditional western oblong bathtub. Most Japanese tubs allow water deep enough to go up to the neck, enabling the bather to soak for long periods. With this in mind, choose a shorter deeper tub, rather than the other way around.

The next thing to bear in mind if you want the real Japanese bathing experience is that the water tends to be hotter than that usually used in the west. Many Japanese houses have no fixed heating! This means the bath is a way to pump heat into the body and warm up in the evening. To do this you need to make sure you have a very powerful boiler, one that can supply many gallon of water at a high temperature.

Finally, if it all possible, the Japanese bath should be used for soaking only, never washing. So if you have the room, try to situate your tub in a wet room, giving you the option of washing outside the bath in the traditional Japanese way, and then using the bath simply to soak in hot water.